Automatic Operator (IVR and ABOP)

Our new state of the art phone system (Disc) brings new features and services to drivers and customers alike. IVR (Automatic Operator) means customers can book their taxis at the touch of a button, get real-time information on where their taxi is and even speak directly with the driver if they can’t find each other. This ensures customers are not kept waiting and drivers’ pickup more bookings.

IVR (Automatic Operator)

Our new Automatic Operator (IVR) is a priority service for repeat, loyal customers only. If you’ve called us before, IVR will answer you immediately so you don’t have to wait for an operator. You will always get through, even if all our operators in our call centre are busy. You can then select 1, 2 or 3 to choose one of your most frequent pickup addresses and the taxi will be dispatched to the next available vehicle.

Customers who book using IVR will always be connected before less frequent travellers and always go to the top of our queue when we are busy.

ABOP (Answer Back On Phone)

Occasionally you may need to call us to see where your taxi is. When you do, our phone system will answer and tell you how long the taxi will be and the vehicle’s make and model. No need to wait on hold for an operator to answer and then search for where your taxi is. You can always press ‘0’ and speak to an operator or track your taxi’s location on Google Maps.

Customer2Driver Communication

If you’ve ordered a taxi with us and want to speak to the driver for whatever reason, simply telephone our call centre (01253 711611) and press the option on your phone’s keypad that connects you to the driver’s mobile.

Neither you or the driver will be able to see the others phone number. And if the driver is struggling to find you, he/she will be able to press a button on his PDA that connects to you, without displaying your number.